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The Fisheries for Veterans Project works to demonstrate that America’s public fishing and water resources provide:

1) Recreational and social opportunities;

2) Educational and on the ground job training opportunities; and

3) Rejuvenation, rehabilitation, and healing for person, families and communities.


  • Liaison and event coordination with veteran service organizations, local communities and businesses, professional fishermen, non-profit groups, and federal and state agencies.

  • Conduct fishing events, including family fishing days, fishing tournaments, fishing instruction and educational activities.

  • Provide outreach support from professional fishermen, aquatic biologists and land management professionals.

  • Facilitate fish habitat and water improvement activities.

  • Provide fundraising and volunteer coordination assistance.


  • Ketrick Communities established the non-profit FishingCommunity.Org (FCO) to be an agile and responsive way for fishermen, citizens, and charities to educate youth and work with wounded military members and veterans, their families, highly stressed individuals, and environmentalists across the country and around the world - wherever there is a need.

  • FCO helps with short-term healing, education, and support as well as provide long-term support. FCO meets the special-case needs of military members, veterans and those who are transitioning out of the military with speed and flexibility not always available through the traditional programs.

  • FCO enhances and complements, it does not replace existing programs but fills the gaps by providing communication between organizations, charities and government programs.

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