FishingCommunity.Org, a non-profit organization, has partnered with the Bureau of Land Management to create the Fisheries for Veterans Project (F4V), a community-based, nation-wide effort.

The Fisheries for Veterans Project is an innovative partnership that works with local communities to help design, develop and conduct activities connecting veterans and their families, local communities, government programs, and non-profit organizations.  

  All Fisheries for Veterans Project activities are free of charge and open to all veterans, all veteran family members, of any disability, of any service campaign.  We invite participation by any person, organization or agency who wants to help make a difference.  Click to contact us, volunteer and/or donate.    

We provide more relevance to public and government activities by using public fishing and water resources as a tool to encourage social networking and mentoring, emphasizing health and life cycle management in an era of high stress and an increasingly chaotic world.  We also provide educational and job skills knowledge though on the ground activities that involve and connect the public with fish habitat restoration activities.  

We do not repeat what others are already doingBut we do want to help them do it better and use the combined strength of others to achieve our shared outcomes.  Ultimately, the partnership envisions serving not just veterans but all community members that can benefit from activities. 

    The Fisheries for Veterans Project works to demonstrate that America’s public fishing and water resources provide: 
    1) Recreational and social opportunities;
    2) Educational and on the ground job training opportunities; and 
    3) Rejuvenation, rehabilitation, and healing for person, families and communities.

    • Liaison and event coordination with veteran service organizations, local communities and businesses, professional fishermen, non-profit groups, and federal and state agencies. 
    • Conduct fishing events, including family fishing days, fishing tournaments, fishing instruction and educational activities. 
    • Provide outreach support from professional fishermen, aquatic biologists and land management professionals. 
    • Facilitate fish habitat and water improvement activities. 
    • Provide fundraising and volunteer coordination assistance. 


      • Ketrick Communities established the non-profit FishingCommunity.Org (FCO) to be an agile and responsive way for fishermen, citizens, and charities to educate youth and work with wounded military members and veterans, their families, highly stressed individuals, and environmentalists across the country and around the world - wherever there is a need.   
      • FCO helps with short-term healing, education, and support as well as provide long-term support.  FCO meets the special-case needs of military members, veterans and those who are transitioning out of the military with speed and flexibility not always available through the traditional programs. 
      • FCO enhances and complements, it does not replace existing programs but fills the gaps by providing communication between organizations, charities and government programs. 
      As humans we are part of nature.  To understand us we must understand nature.  To understand nature makes us successful in human endeavors.  In the end we all want to be successful.

      Fishing with Educational  Opportunities
      Lionfish drawing

      The Fisheries for Veterans Project in conjunction with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), have been conducting an educational hour on all things fishing - afterwhich the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area beach is open for fishing until sunset. On Nov 28, 2017 Mason Smith from FWC conducted an amazing class on Lionfish which are an invasive species that have a potential negative impact on native species and habitat. FWC encourages divers, anglers and commercial harvesters to remove lionfish in Florida waters to limit negative impacts to native marine life and ecosystems. For more information on Lionfish visit myfwc.com/lionfish.

      We plan on continuing the series into 2018 so please come out and join us!