The non-profit FishingCommunity.Org (FCO) has partnered with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in an innovative service partnership that brings Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs and the BLM together using public lands aquatic resources as a tool to encourage social interaction, mentoring and networking that emphasizes health and life cycle management and serve as a unique community driver connecting veterans and their families, local communities, government programs, and non-profit organizations.

   All Fisheries for Veterans Project activities are free of charge and open to all veterans, all veteran family members, of any disability, of any service campaign.  We invite participation by any agency or anyone who wants to contribute and/or donate to help make a difference.  

  • SERVICE: The Fisheries for Veterans Project works to demonstrate that America’s public land resources provide:1) recreational and social opportunities to fish; 2) educational and on the ground job training opportunities in public land resource management; and 3) rejuvenation, rehabilitation, and healing capacities for person, families and communities.
  • COMMUNITY BASED: The Fisheries for Veterans Project works with local communities to help design, develop  and conduct free fishing events such as recurring family fishing days and annual fishing derbies. These events are intended to support local community efforts and provide unique, enriching and stress-free fishing environments where wounded, injured, and ill heroes, their families, and communities connect.  These events also provide an opportunity to learn about public lands and aquatic resources while fishing, receiving fishing instruction, interacting with professionals, and having fun!
  • NATIONWIDE: The Fisheries for Veterans Project has conducted several events in the Washington DC area, Florida and Arizona.  We support local BLM offices to help develop, facilitate and promote fishing-related community connections and activities by bringing together wounded, injured, or ill veterans, public lands, local communities and youth in new ways under State and Field Office direction and guidance. 
  • FishingCommunity.Org uniquely enhances and complements government fisheries programs by filling social gaps and providing communication and coordination between organizations, charities, and already established and existing veteran support programs offered through various other government programs and agencies. 
  • Ultimately, the partnership envisions serving not just veterans but all community members that can benefit from activities. Initial projects are focused on veterans and BLM aquatic resources, but are expected to expand over time to be inclusive to additional agency programs and service audiences.

Lake Havasu's 
Kaden Supports Vets
Kaden is 7

From Kaden's Grandmother.
He is so excited!!! I was watching them the other day and Kaden said to me, I want to do something really good in my life. When I talked with him I reminded him of his statement, and let him know that his thoughts will make many men and women feel so proud to have served our country. Every night he prays for the military... I love him so much.